15 Weeks of Summer

We are excited to announce our 15 Weeks of Summer Campaign!

The next 15 weeks will be full of new listings, new XCM tokenomics, contests, giveaways as well as other interesting updates! 

Make sure to check out this page on a weekly basis to get an idea of what's happening


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Week 01 - Fireblocks Integration

More Listings, Better Liquidity & More!

With the integration of Fireblocks we have achieved a new milestone in the products & services we can offer our clients.

Fireblocks offers a variety of services that will help us bring our platform to the next level. New listings, better liquidity, integration of L1 and L2 solutions and more! Learn More

Week 02 - Cardano & Polkadot

Listed ADA & DOT!

We are excited to announce that you can now trade ADA & DOT on our platform! 


Week 03 - Tokenomics, New Listings


With the integration of Fireblocks in Week 1 and the launch of ADA & DOT in Week 2, we are excited to keep on expanding our list of listings.

We have landed our 3rd week in the Metaverse! You can now trade SAND & MANA on our platform. In addition to that we have also added COVAL to our platform!

Swap fees have been added to our burn mechanism!

Week 04 - Tokenomics, New Listings


Week 4 is here and after having increased our XCM staking limit from 500k to 1M yesterday, we are excited to announce that you can now trade UOS, GRT and HBAR on our platform!

Week 05 - Mobile App 5.0 + More

New mobile app experience + more

We are happy to announce the release of our new mobile app, which will make your trading experience on our platform more streamlined and intuitive. Read more on our blog

In addition to that, we have some other surprises, keep an eye out on this page to learn more

Week 06 - Tokenomics, New Listings


We are finding enough reasons to carry on with enthusiasm and hard work, paving the way for the better days ahead. The last week has been busy at Coinmetro headquarters with two new listings - AVAX (Avalanche) and ALGO (Algorand)

Moreover, we have a new XCM update many of you have been asking about - Coinmetro users are now able to use XCM on Margin as collateral. Also, our Mobile App went through another update, getting even better after the initial 5.0 release.

More tokenomics and listings are lining up. Stay close and share the good news!

Week 07 - XCM Burn

500k Burned!

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that in February this year we stopped vaulting tokens in favor of burning. We had a major burn event in March, where 250,000 XCM were sent to the burn address. 

For Week 7 of our summer-long program, we’re putting even more value into our Coinmetro asset with an even bigger, record-breaking 500,000 XCM burn.

Week 8 - Five New Listings


As we are entering the peak summer season, Coinmetro gears up with one of the most rewarding weeks of our 15 Weeks of Summer campaign. Five new listings are now trading on Coinmetro exchange: DAI (MakerDAO), MATIC (Polygon), NOIA (Syntropy), KSM (Kusama), NEAR (NEAR Protocol).

Where will your portfolio venture? By listing projects that are shaping the future of crypto and blockchain, we know where ours will be.

Read more on your blog

Week 9 - Marketing Push: Gearing Up for Growth

Coinmetro is entering a new cycle of growth with a major marketing and communications push. Four new agencies are now helping us drive our marketing plans forward on several fronts: Growth Marketing, Public Relations, SEO and everything in between.

We are circulating all our funding and revenues back into the growth of the company, accelerating development. Read more on our BLOG to find out why Coinmetro is one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges.

Week 10 - XCM Updates for Q3 and Beyond

Throughout this summer, our own XCM token was strengthened with a number of utilities and tokenomics designed to bring value to its holders. We now have a brand new XCM Token Page that gives a 360° view around our most important product. This is only the first of many steps we are taking to focus on the ongoing innovation process around XCM.

Check out the BLOG to find out how XCM is growing with reduced margin fees, record-breaking burn events, XCM staking limit increase and XCM Margin limit increase.

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